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Lebanese Women’s Groups Applaud His Majesty’s Decision to Lift the Reservations on the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
In a press conference held yesterday (Friday) in celebration of Morocco by the organization Studies and Workshops for Advancement based at UN-ESCWA (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Central Asia) in Beirut, female activists from these groups described His Majesty the King’s decision as a “pioneering step forward” for the Arab world.

In this context, Leena abu Habeeb, Executive Director of the organization, affirmed that this important step which his majesty has undertaken comes in the midst of numerous gains women have achieved during His Majesty’s tenure, rendering the kingdom a leader in championing women through its upright laws.

At this press conference, organized on the occasion of Arab Women’s Day in cooperation with the campaigns “Nationality : My Right and My Family’s” and “Equality Without Reservation,” Abu Habeeb applauded the Moroccan woman’s persistent struggle, knowing that it constitutes a pioneering step forward and an incentive for other Arab nations.

For their part, Ateefa Tamjardeen and Naeema Hamoumy from the Democratic Association for the Women of Morocco, each presented, during the press conference, a special glimpse into the history of the women’s struggle in Morocco and the strategy they have relied on to realize equality.

Nor did the two speakers neglect to point to the gains the Moroccan woman has achieved, foremost among them the right to pass on her nationality to her children, highlighting the role civil society played as an influential advisory force in achieving more gains in each of the social, political, and economic spheres.

Translated from french : www.almaghribia.ma 2009/02/07